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Posted On 04 Feb 2021
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Online Poker games have always provided special attraction for all of us. Playing Poker Online has always provided entertainment for us and is able to eliminate fatigue. This is what makes this game always popular.

This game is never empty of enthusiasts and the players are always increasing, no wonder this game is the most played and very popular game. The Minister of Religion has been around for a long time and is very well known.

The main thing that makes Online Poker in great demand, of course, is also because it provides many types and makes us never get bored. These various types of games increase our choices in choosing games, so it is certain that playing them will be very full of excitement.

All of that is also supported by technological advances, now in an era that is all technological, it is as if it is easy for us to access many online games, including poker. Everything we can access via smartphone.

One more thing, now there are also applications that can be downloaded via a smartphone and also played via the smartphone. Can be Andorid or iOS. So it is very convenient for those of us who like to play Poker Online.

There are 3 most popular Online Poker applications for Android users, why are they called popular? Because many have downloaded and played a lot. These 3 games have their respective advantages that become an attraction for Online Poker players.

World Series Of Poker

The first game is WSOP or World Series Of Poker. This game is the best in the application. The style of play is the same as Texas Hold’em or Omaha, and we can play online with a large number of people at various events. We also log in via Facebook because this game is supported by various platforms. And will give us free chips for 4 hours

Mega Hit Poker

Next is Mega Hit Poker. This free poker game is indeed above average, this game offers a number of free chips. There is also a tournament mode that makes the excitement of this game even more interesting.

With a number of chips that are distributed for free, especially for new members, of course it will be very easy for those who are just playing to be able to adapt quickly

Poker Heat

The last game is Poker Heat. This game is a fun free game, even Poker Heat itself is widely called the best Online Poker game because the competition mode is divided into 7 leagues.

This game is also in great demand because it has features that make us able to play with strangers or our own friends. Even though the main attraction is still through the league mode, this game still has its own magnet.

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