How to Play Super10 at an Online Poker Agent

Posted On 14 Dec 2020
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How to Play Super10 at an Online Poker Agent? The Super10 game is one of the newest products available on the online poker site. How to play Super10 is not difficult because this game is very simple, almost the same as the game Samgong or three pictures. What makes this game different is that the game is played against other players, while in the samgong game, you play against the dealer.

With today’s increasingly sophisticated technology, poker games can be played easily anytime and anywhere just by using a smartphone connected to the internet network. You can also play Super10 via your smartphone, because usually Super10 is also available on trusted online poker sites.

And for those of you who still don’t understand how to play Super10. In this review, we will explain a little about what the game is like and how to play it. Happy reading!

How to Play Super10 at an Online Poker Agent

In a Super10 game, one game room is usually filled with a maximum of 9 players. The game will run clockwise, starting from the left of the dealer. In each room, bettors are usually required to place bets with the minimum and maximum limits that have been determined in each available room.

In the Super10 game all players will get 2 cards, then proceed with the next 1 card dealt, the 3 cards that you have you must combine. The player who has a card value of 10 or close to the number 10 wins.

The essence of the Super10 game is to combine the three cards you have into a total of 10. The players who have a total card value of 10, then that player is the winner.

And if you have a number of cards that exceeds 10, such as 15, 23, or so on. Then your card value is the last digit of the total of the three cards you have. If your card value is 15, then you only have 5.

For the value of the card itself, it is more or less the same as that stated on each existing card, except that there are 3 cards that count with a value of 10, such as K, Q, and J or what is commonly called the king card.

How to Play Super10 at an Online Poker Agent

And if the final result of the game has the same total combination value, then the victory will be determined from the symbols or flowers on the card, in the order of spades, then hearts, then curls and finally diamonds or diamonds.

How? Easy right? In this game, the more you play, the bigger the wins you can get. Thus our review this time about How to Play Super10 at an Online Poker Agent, hope it is useful for you. Happy Bet!

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